Reagan Maui’a tweeted about Lennay Kekua…and his story matches up with Manti Te’o’s

So by now I trust you have seen this impressive piece of work by Deadpsin. ESPN covered it and at the end, added this tidbit about Reagan Maui’a, an Arizona Cardinals fullback claiming he knew Lennay Kekua, and met her–in person–back in 2011.

A quick search through on @Reagan_Mauia45, Maiu’a’s official Twitter, turned up 7 tweets mentioning @LennayKay. There were no tweets to @lovalovaloveYOU or @loveMSMK, Kekua’s other since-deleted Twitter handles.

Maui’a’s tweets about Kekua indicate that he believes the same story Te’o told the world. Deadspin made it clear in their article that there’s no record of Kekua at Stanford. Yet here’s one of Maui’a’s tweets that calls Kekua a Stanford alum.

Maui’a also tweeted about Kekua dying of Leukemia, right around the time of the alleged death–that Deadspin also solidly reported as a fabrication.

And then there are these, too:

The tweets are dated September 13, 2012. Kekua allegedly died on September 12th. Maui’a’s tweets match up with the general timeline for Te’o and his girlfriend. They’re definitely talking about the same girl. The girl that definitely doesn’t exist, contrary to what Maui’a says.

Maui’a claims he met Kekua in person, and Maui’a’s Kekua is the same girl as Te’o’s Kekua. It’s pretty obvious that Maui’a got catfished by the same person as Te’o.

Here are the rest of Maui’a’s tweets that mention @LennayKay, coming to seven in total.

Update: I decided to do a little more research after thinking about the implications of Maui’a tweeting about the same fake dead girl. Maui’a says he met whoever claimed to be @LennayKay. For those still thinking Te’o is 0% innocent and fabricated the whole thing–what is the motive for having someone “be” Kekua and meet Maui’a? Also, why Maui’a? If this was a publicity stunt, Maui’a would never be involved.

This also helps add weight to the claim made that @LennayKay had relationships with other athletes. At the very least, she had contact with one other player–an NFL player, at that.

I looked through Maui’a’s tweets (again, thanks to to see if he knew Manti Te’o. Were they friends? Doesn’t look like it. Of all the tweets Maui’a has, Manti is mentioned in two tweets. Here they are:

He wanted Te’o to win the Heisman. That doesn’t say much. Maui’a’s twitter is also filled with Polynesian and Samoan pride. I’m guessing his support for Te’o partly stems from that.

I don’t have a conclusion for this, but it obviously raises a lot of questions. Maui’a was played by the same @LennayKay; he, too, bought her story. It looks like that gives some credibility to Te’o’s claim that he was a victim, at least in some part.

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